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PArt of HF
She was flying around as soon as the moon got up to dance. Looking at the sky, you could see the clouds gathered around the moon. The light that it threw turned the clouds into shaded puffs of cotton candy. Where the light touched, the clouds became silver and turned the sky evil. It was the perfect night for the senior prank to take place. It was the night of the freshman dance. The seniors planned to snatch a few freshmen and give them a ritual hazing. Well, they chose this night because they had already graduated and no one thought that they would come back. So, it was time to spring the trap. But none of them knew that someone was watching them from behind the bushes.
She sat low enough to not be seen but high enough to be able to see everyone’s faces and the expressions they held. Many of them had a greedy look on their faces. The seniors were all big guys. They all seemed to be big, buff and mean, as if they were ready to take blood. All but one.
He had his long blonde hair
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A Dream of A Bear
Looking out the door used to be a certain hobby of mine. I liked to look outside when I didn't have the energy to go out and play. But as I stood staring out the door I thought I saw a turtle. But the only thing was, this turtle was absolutely huge. It was about the size of a tricycle by now. I found it rather astonishing and slightly scary. So I shut the door and turned to look at my brother. "A, come look at this turtle. It's like huge and it gets bigger as it gets closer to the house!" I told him. Of course, he didn't really want to belive me but he looked anyway.
"That's a bear!" I looked down and noticed that the turtle was now covered in fur and right at my feet. I backed up in fear and stood shaking like mad. My brother stood at my side. "Walk slow and do not run. Get to a chair and sit still and ignore it like it's not here." I nodded and slowly started to back away but paused when a threatening growl came from the bear's throat. It showed its teeth as an even bigger threat and
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Slumber of the Weak
It’s time to go
Time for the run down and the weak
To lay at the other’s feet
And take a deep breath
Time to rest
Time for the ignorant, arrogant, stupid
To all lay on their backs
Shut their eyes
And get some sleep
The weak need sleep
I’m tired
I am shaking
I’m weak
So why is it
That everyone else
Is falling asleep at my feet?
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The Red Marrionette
I hate pretenders
I hate puppet masters
They dangle their strings with hooks on the ends
So it catches your skin
Or draws you to it and reels you in
Like a fish caught in summer
How they play with our bodies
Make us marionettes
How awful when they control you
As if society doesn’t have a tight enough hold
And moves you as an action figure
But the true horror comes
When the marionette is your heart
When the masters play and poke and prod
Until they have your heart twisted in a knot
Then they release the strings for a different one
A heart with a healthier glow
A more radiant red
A bigger heart
Leaving yours to burst
To fall into pieces
Leaving scars from the hooks
The puppet masters keep playing
Until your heart is cold and plastic
And then when the warmth and love of a true one arrives
You want to love them
You want to reach out and for a brief time
You can feel it
But then a mistake happens and you turn cold
Cold and plastic again
And you lose them
The only warmth you could have
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That One Word, Four Letters
It hurts
To watch two men you love
Walk away with another
When one girl was close to you
And she's holding the man you've loved
For years
And the other man you love
Helps you
Holds you
Still loves you but doesnt want you
And you were lied to
So many times that trust
Lays with the one that doesnt want you
And you throw the girl
and your years loved guy away
And you are forced to walk away
And you snap
And cut out the only word you can
The only thing that can save you
Carve it deep into your skin
Until the blood drips
And stains your flower patterned sheets
THe one word that can save you
The one that can grab their attention
The one word
The four small letters
That can save your life
And when the blood hits the sheets
You sob out in pain and anger
The one word
Just that one
It's there
But you sleep
You cover the wound
With rainbow bandages
And lay down and in exhaustion
You close your eyes and sleep
Waking with a splitting headache
But as you rest
The wound decides
A scar will be born
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The World
It kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it
How stable people truly are
Makes you wonder how the world
Hasn’t fallen apart yet
With the way people are
The cruelty and disregard
For anyone’s safety and feelings
Makes you wonder
When we will all fail
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Moon Light
He helped me when no others could
When everyone else hated me
When I was making a body suit
Out of the cuts I put everywhere
To where any skin you touched
Was red and drying over
He held me in the moon light
Stuck in limbo
I love him
I want him around
But he doesn’t want to be bound
I don’t want to risk losing him
He’s all I have now
But even he has let go
So I’m standing alone
My angel gone
A secret lover, destroyed
My true love, pushed away
All I have is the moon
The moon light that will light my way
So I can find something
Something great
Worth living for
But the moon will go too
And with the rest
I’ll take my spot in the line
To die
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Burst, Smile, Die
Pain can make everything alright
What a surprise
To fall asleep bleeding
Falling apart
Bursting at the seams
Life just leaking out
And the ones that said they love you
Just leave you to die
Just leave you behind
In the morning
You’re bright
Tired and hurt
But happy
Content with it all
Spinning in joy and laughing
At nothing
Ready to make jokes
And smile at others
Hand out advice
Friendliness all around
And the next day
You’re gone
Laying in the bathroom
You’re plan failed
You actually were saved
So you’re lying in bed
Listening to the heart monitor beep
And you lose your hope
Your will to survive
And when you slip into that coma
You hear your mother whispering
Your father crying
Your sister begging
And your brother apologizing
You say goodbye to them with silence
And succumb
To the darkness you’ve faced
Burning, now I bring you hell
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For angel and her thing...
A heart is a fragile thing
Ready for a beating
But when it's sewn together
By false hopes
And insecure dreams
The heart can crumble at a flick
Blink at it
It will explode
Blow on it lightly
And it'll blow away as dust
To leave an empty hole
And a depressed owner
Until nothing fills the hole
And the person is lost all together
How soon will your heart devour your soul?
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Mature content
Crusified :icondeadrose58:deadrose58 0 2
Mature content
Angel's Eyes :icondeadrose58:deadrose58 0 2
Mature content
A Corrupt Mind :icondeadrose58:deadrose58 0 0
Silence is Innocence
I've shut down
My happiness is gone
Devoured by the dark
That hides inside my heart
I can pretend to be ok with it
When I know I'm not
I have one
But my feelings for the other
Are killing me
I have one I love
But another walks away
Holding her hand
And though I pretend it's alright
I can't stand it
Within myself
I hold a rage
A homocidal push
To hurt her bad
And take him back
And have them both
A push to take her in my hands
And squish her like a bug
But a heart
That can't do such a thing
A hatred burns bright
Like lightening
Clashing agaisnt the night sky
Slamming with full force
Down my body
Until only a jult of violence
Can shake me free
From the hands of hell
I feel the darkness rising
Turning my eyes
Stealing my heart
And exposing my demons
Destroying myself
The power of love
Can scare and hurt
And murder
Those that tamper with it
I'll ask your God
To set me free
But shoved aside
Another demon latches on
To pull me to hell
I hide my hatred inside
For silen
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Newly Discovered Power
How weird
I sit with a smile on my face
I remember something
Sit and think
What triggered this?
How can you fix it?
How do you feel?
How will you handle this feeling?
Where is this emotion from?
What will you do with it?
Nice poem
It's a sense of freedom
A sense of power
That was never there before
Power to stand up
Power to succeed
A drive
That's undescribable
I'm happy
Life is right
Troubles come
But I beat them down
Now I feel the power
To be a woman
To be me
I love him
He loves me
We're close
He listens while I talk
He hurts from it
But he keeps listening
And reaches out for me
When I'm done talking
He's given me happiness
I finally can say it
I feel safe saying it
I feel proud to say it
I love myself
I love him
I am a survivor
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Whithered Rose On Your Porch
United States
Current Residence: My house
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I don't know
Print preference: dunno
Favourite genre of music: rock, older rock like metallica and kiss, metal, heavy metal, black metal, death metal, evanescence
Favourite photographer: George DeLoache
Favourite style of art: photomanipulation
Operating System: one that operates
MP3 player of choice: friggin Ipod nano
Shell of choice: dunno
Wallpaper of choice: anything dark
Skin of choice: again anything dark
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin
Personal Quote: When you tak 1 step forward and 2 steps back, turn 180 degrees and do it backwards.
  • Listening to: Living on the edge- Aerosmith
  • Watching: My water bottle sweat
  • Drinking: WATER
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1. I annoy myself half the time when I think things and usually get angry about what I think if I believe the thought is stupid making it a rather rare thing that I think at all.
2. I love someone that is six years older than me but sometimes I really just dont like him at the same time but I love him more than I dont like him.
3. I still like my ex girlfriend a lot.
4. I can't spell worth crap most of the time.
5. I meet people over the net and either make a life long bond with them or I fight alot with them but always care for them anyway. but most of the ones i make lifelong bonds with are adults.
6. I think i'm too mature for my age but for the benefit of others around me I act immature to entertain them.
7. I am a lot smarter than I look it's just because of my clothes that people think i'm an idiot.
8. I don't care what people think but I really disagree with being called satan or the spawn of satan becuas eI'm a really sweet girl under all the fat and muscle I have and I really wish people would just see that.

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